A historical brand, synonymous with know-how and experience

The history of Falci Srl begins with Falci Agricoltura. Founded in 2008, the company from Dronero has been working successfully for almost a century and, today, has a leading position among Italian players in the manufacturing of professional agricultural and gardening tools and equipment.

In the sixties, the company responded to the gradual increase in demand for semi-finished steel products by introducing the first hot rolling plant for the production of profiles for internal use (conical profiles for scythes and sickles). Falci Agricoltura entered the rolling market in 1965 and, with time, the company’s outlook extended to increasingly varied applications and sectors, with a gradually wider range of shapes and sections.

The diversification of Falci Agricoltura is to be considered the real starting point for a constant increase in technical know-how, reflected in a marked ability to give shape to the specific requirements of different customers and their respective areas of application, thus overcoming traditional profiles for agricultural equipment, horseshoes and handrails.

In the 2000s, driven by globalization and an increasingly open and transversal market, Falci Agricoltura decided to set up an independent company, focused on the production of special profiles to customer design and able to compete with the most important national and international players over a wide range of industries.

Falci Srl was founded in 2008 and from the beginning stands out for the high-quality of its products and services thanks to its undisputed managerial, operational and technical skills. At the same time, the company represents the perfect synergy between manual crafting of the ancient forgers and new rolling technologies.

In its first ten years of activity, Falci Srl has created over 2000 special sections, most of which intended for foreign markets. In fact, 80% of company turnover derives from orders and supplies in the USA and EMEA countries (Europe, Middle East, Africa).


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