Hot rolled profiles: the Falci range

Falci Srl specializes in the manufacturing of a wide range of special hot-rolled profiles in the main steel grades – from common to carbon, alloyed and stainless steel, to special steels, in order to meet a variety of project requirements concerning precision and punctuality to the most varied design needs.

Hot rolling, i.e., mechanical processing which induces plastic deformation of steel by passing between pairs of counter-rotating rigid rollers while at high temperatures, is a process requiring not only a proven experience, but also a thorough knowledge of the physical and thermodynamic properties of different types of raw materials.

Falci Srl’s production plants are suitable to create highly complex profile shapes, even in small batches. The high quality of the steels used, the levels of roughness achieved and the excellent handling of even minimal quantities – which has seen an increased demand from the market – are some of the numerous benefits ??that make Falci Srl the leading company in its industry.

Thanks to the equipped mechanical workshop, Falci Srl is also dedicated to the design and production of rolling cylinders for new profiles in extremely short times. Increased cost containment and easy handling of individual orders combine with rapid delivery of the finished product.

The Hot rolled products manufactured by Falci Srl are delivered in coils or bars, and cut to size at the customers’ request.


Technical data

Size and tolerances

  • Maximum width: 50 mm
  • Maximum weight per linear meter: 5.35 kg per meter
  • Minimum weight per linear meter: 0.15 kg per meter
  • Bar length between 3 and 9 meter
  • Coils 900 kg max

Intermediate sizes measured in tenths of a millimeter are also possible.