Our hot rolled profiles

Falci S.r.l. produces a wide range of special hot rolled profiles in the main steel grades, which can meet a variety of project requirements in terms of precision and accuracy.

Hot rolling is a mechanical process that results in the plastic forming of steel, while it passes through rigid counter-rotating pairs of rollers at very high temperatures. This process requires proven experience and an in-depth knowledge of the physical and thermodynamic properties of different types of raw materials. Falci S.r.l.‘s manufacturing plants are suitable to create highly complex profile shapes, even in small quantities: the quality of the steels used, the roughness levels achieved and the management of small batches –  which has seen an increased demand from the market –  add significant value to Falci S.r.l.‘s production.
In addition, because of its well-equipped mechanical workshop, Falci S.r.l. designs and produces rolling cylinders for new profiles in a very short timeframe. This means that costs are cut and individual projects are smoothly managed, ensuring a quick delivery time of the finished product. Hot rolled products are delivered in coils or bars, and cut to the measurement required.



Size and tolerances

  • Maximum width: 50 mm
  • Maximum weight per linear metre: 5.35 kg per metre
  • Minimum weight per linear metre: 0.15 kg per metre
  • Bar length between 3 and 9 metre
  • Coils 900 kg max

Intermediate sizes measured in tenths of a millimetre are also possible.