Finding, developing and adapting solutions. Customisation is our only standard.

We provide support to our customers during the engineering, technological processing and product monitoring stages, thus ensuring the product fully complies with the design. We certify its properties and performance and guarantee that it functions perfectly.

Our very high quality standards, accuracy in the manufacturing process and control stages, the full customisation of the product based on the project specifications make Falci S.r.l. a reliable and efficient partner for large, medium and small companies in a wide range of industries. Falci S.r.l. currently exports its rolled products across the European Union and overseas, including Asia and Africa.

Over the years, Falci S.r.l.‘s effective co-engineering support has translated into highly significant projects and complex special profiles, which were optimised according to the specific use they were intended for.

For instance, Falci S.r.l. has created a highly complex section for a “combi” profile for the Asian market, intended for the special rims of forklift trucks. This solution has made it possible to avoid using the traditional three separate profiles, thus optimising production costs and times.

In the European market, Falci S.r.l. has designed and manufactured an arrow-shaped profile used in building renovations, especially when adapting the insulation systems of historic buildings.
In the United States, Falci S.r.l. has supplied a section intended for high-tech components used in military security. The profile was manufactured in partnership with a subsidiary company and was certified according to the strict American standards.

These are just a few examples of the quality and reliability of Falci S.r.l.‘s service, and the complete customisation of its products.