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The FALCI range

FALCI Srl is specialized in the production of a wide range of hot-rolled special profiles in all the main types of steel: common, carbon, alloy, stainless and special steels, so as to respond with precision and punctuality to the most varied design needs.


Hot rolling is the mechanical processing that induces the plastic deformation of steel by passing high temperatures between pairs of counter-rotating rigid rolls. This process requires not only proven experience, but also in-depth knowledge of the physical and thermodynamic characteristics of the different types of raw materials.


FALCI Srl's production plants are designed for the creation of profiles with particularly complex shapes, even in small batches: the high quality of the steels used, the level of roughness obtained and the impeccable management of even minimal quantities - increasingly requested by the market – these are some of the numerous added values that make FALCI Srl a leader in the sector.

profili acciaio Falci

Thanks to the well-equipped internal mechanical workshop, FALCI Srl is also dedicated to the design and production of rolling cylinders for new profiles in extremely short times.

Greater cost containment and agile management of individual orders are combined, in this way, with rapid delivery of the finished product.


Dimensions and tolerances

  • Maximum width: 78 mm

  • Maximum weight per linear metre: 6 kg per metre

  • Minimum weight per linear metre: 0.10 kg per metre

  • Bar length between 3 and 9 metres

  • Rolls 900 kg max

Intermediate dimensions of tenths of tenths of a millimeter are possible.

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