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laminati acciaio Falci


A totally tailor-made service

FALCI Srl offers its customers a dedicated support service during the engineering, technological processing and product monitoring phases.

We identify, implement and adapt solutions: FALCI's watchword is customization .

We ensure total correspondence to the design, certifying its properties and performance and guaranteeing perfect functionality.

All rolling equipment is designed and produced in-house thanks to the mechanical workshop and the technical office, which make use of the best machinery and mathematical design systems (CAD/CAM).

FALCI laminates, thanks to particular processes and processing temperatures, do not decarburize the material, and allow us to obtain laminates with decarburization of less than 1%, to a maximum of 0.1 mm.

The main services

  • Normal cutting to size in line with shaped knives -0/+50 from a minimum of 3000 to a maximum of 9000 mm for profiles from 1 kg to 6 kg, while for profiles up to 1 kg from 2500 to 9000 mm;

  • Precise cutting +/-2 mm via press with shaped knives (adiabatic cutting) bundles with packaging in wooden crates with anti-oxidative oil;

  • anti-rust oiling, packaging with greaseproof paper for shipments by sea;

  • pickling treatments;

  • both workability and globular annealing;

  • annealing in a controlled atmosphere (nitrogen);

  • solubilization of stainless steels;

  • sandblasting;

  • possibility of cutting on request;

  • possibility of consignment stock for loyal customers with large consumption.





The most reliable technical partner

The high quality standards, the accuracy of the production process and control phases and the total customization of the product according to the design specifications make FALCI Srl a reliable and efficient partner for large, medium and small companies in various industrial sectors.

Our laminates are now regularly exported all over the world: European Union countries, America, Asia and Africa.

The effective support in the engineering phase developed over the years translates, for FALCI Srl, into the creation of particularly significant projects and special profiles of particular complexity, optimized according to the specific intended use.

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